Amrutham aired on Zee5 as “Amrutham Dvithiyam”


All the kids of 90’s doesn’t require an introduction about their favourite serial “Amrutham”. Its has been one of the popular serial with which many of us grew keeping aside our sorrows and worries. It has been a comic family drama which can be seen along with family including children. When the first season was over the management of “Amrutham” took a break and din’t announce any season coming. But the fan base which grew in recent days has made them to start the second season of “Amrutham” .

Zee5 which is one the largest creator of originals in many languages and genres has recently made an announcement regarding the telecast of the popular serial as “Amrutham Dvithiyam” which will be streaming on March 25. This has made the fans feel excited and at the same time made curious to know the actor to be the part of the serial in place of popular character Anji which was played by Gundu Hanumantha Rao in season 1, and who passed away recently. Giving an end to the predictions, they released a teaser in which popular movie artist LB Sriram was seen playing the role very well.

Amrutham Dvithiyam
Amrutham Dvithiyam

The serial sees the return of Harshavardhan, Sivannarayana, Vasu Inturi, and Ragini in their original roles as in season 1. LB Sriram joins the cast as Anji and Amrutham’s wife is played by Satyakrishna. Famous movie director Kasi Vishwanath and Raghava will be seen round out the show every now and then.

“Amrutham” season 1 started out in 2001. It tells the story of two friends Amrutham And Anji who comes with their creative ideas to improve the business of their restaurant and get rich. But each idea fails with hilarious consequences. Sarvam is their loyal servant and Appaji, their rapacious landlord with his golden belt which looks unique and is passed on as heirloom in his family, who together contribute famously to their comedy of errors.

Gunnam Gangaraju is the creator, writer and producer of the serial. His writings revolves around the sweetness of the language peppered with puns and socio political issues. It is considered a child safe serial and has a fan base ranging from kids to senior citizens and always been no.1 through the season. Even today it has the highest no. of views compared to any other Telugu serial. The second season is directed by Sandeep Gunnam.

Genre : Sitcom.
Created by : Gangaraju Gunnam.
Starring : Harsha Vardhan, LB Sriram, sivannarayana, Vasu Inturi, Ragini,
No.of season : 1
Total  episodes : 313.


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