10 Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar to Watch Right Now !!


Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar : Hotstar though not as popular as Netflix and Amazon prime, the streaming services are worth a shoutout. Hotstar not only features best-in-class movie packages but also offers to many Television shows and documentaries for premium users. Though it is tough to search through all those hundred Tv shows, as always we are here to help you and let you know which series best suits you to pass the binge on time watching Hotstar.

Here are the 10 Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar to Watch Right Now !!

Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar
Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar

Game Of Thrones :

“Game Of Thrones” doesn’t need any introduction. It is the biggest Television phenomenon that has happened in the last decade. Game of Thrones is a Fantasy series which is made with utterly gripping, twist riddle plot spanning series of the recent times. This American fantasy drama is an adapting series in which nine noble families fight for the control over the mythical lands of Westeros when an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for thousands of years.

The series depicts everything you want from importance of family to politics to brutal, realistic war, romance and much more. The character development, the costumes, the plot and the twists are on the point which made Game of Thrones stands in the first place in 10 best series on Hotstar list.

Genre : Fantasy, serial drama.
Created by : David Benioff, D.B Weiss.
No. of seasons : 8.
Total episodes : 73.

IMDb Rating : 9.3/10

Prison Break :

Prison Break is an American Television Series in which the story revolves around a man, Lincon Burrows who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. But his brother, Michael Scofield has an escape plan which is covered in each episode. Due to the political conspiracy an innocent man who has been framed for the death of Vice-president’s brother.

The twists and turns involved in the story can not be predicted beforehand and this makes the audiences stick to the entire series to know the end. The bond between the characters, the sacrifices, the love and the commitment they have on one another are the things which every one wants in life. There are all the elements which made Prison Break worth watching and is second on the list of what to watch on Hotstar.

Genre : Crime Drama, Action Thriller.
Created by : Paul Scheuring.
Starring : Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Robin Tunney, peter Stormare.
No. of seasons : 5.
Total episodes : 90.

IMDb Rating : 8.3/10

The Walking Dead :

“The Walking Dead” is an American horror Television Series based on the comic series by the same name. Rick Grimes is a police officer who takes a bullet during his duty and wakes up from coma only to know that the world is dominated by Zombies. He along with some other survivors set out to find out about his family. The zombies which are behind the humans and other creatures to eat them.

They get attracted towards the sounds and noises of Gun shots, which makes Rick and others difficult to hide from them to keep them safe. The series is well received by the critics and has won many awards. The Thrilling experience on how they hide from the dead walkers is what makes us addicted to the series and makes Walking Dead one of the best and takes its place in top 10 series to watch in Hotstar Premium.

Genre : Horror, Zombie Apocalypse.
Created by : Frank Darabont based on a book by Robert Kirkman.
Starring : Andrew Lincoln, John Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Steven yeun, Jeffery Demunn.
No. of seasons : 10.
Total episodes : 144.

IMDb Rating : 8.2/10

Home Land :

If there is a graph that measured the tension levels, then this Home Land would be rated tensest thriller ever in the history. The series depicts the relationship between a CIA officer and an imprisoned ex-Marine who had been returning to America as a war hero who has been hiding an abundance of devastating secrets. The award winning performances of the characters with just enough touch of politics makes it more nerve racking.

The series showcases the hurdles faced by the hero as a spy who should trust no one and question everyone policy in his career. With all the thrilling elements needed to keep us on the edge of the seat makes Home Land a must watch and finds its place in the 10 Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar.

Genre : Serial drama, psychological thriller.
Created by : Howard Gordan based on “Prisoners of War”.
Starring : Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin.
No. of seasons : 8.
Total episodes : 91.

IMDb Rating : 8.3/10

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Modern Family :

Modern Family is an American Television mockumentary family sitcom where three modern day families from California try to deal with their kids, quirky spouses and their jobs in their unique ways, which often falling into hilarious situations.

The plot lines are really fresh with modern characterisation are loved by the audience. The laugh tracks and raw goofiness of this classic sitcom makes it desirable to watch. The show fulfills all the comedy needs one wants in a series. Modern family is one of the most relatable and addicting series one must watch in Hotstar premium.

Genre : Sitcom, Mockumentary.
Created by : Christopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan.
Starring : Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell.
No.of seasons : 11.
Total episodes : 247.

IMDb Rating : 8.4/10


Castle is one the best American crime comedy Television series. The story narration and presentation makes Castle one of its kind. All the characters have well versed chemistry between them which makes us stick to the chairs to watch. Bored with his success, celebrity mystery novelist Rick Castle teams with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett to solve the case of a copycat serial killer who recreates murder scenes from Rick’s novels. Combination of writers institutions and detective’s creative work together well which in turn leads to a complicated relationship between them. The series is one of the Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar premium.

Genre : Police procedural, Crime-comedy.
Created by : Andrew W Marlowe.
Starring : Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan.
No.of seasons : 8.
Total episodes : 173.

How I Met Your Mother :

How I Met Your Mother is an American sitcom that originally aired on CBS. The series follows the main Character, Ted Mosby and his group of friends in New York. Ted recounts to his son and daughter the events that led him to meet and marry their mother. Known for its unique structure, humor, and incorporation of dramatic elements, The series has gained a cult following over years.

It’s easy for one to relate to the drama in the series which is commonplace and down to earth than any other sitcoms out there. It is one of the binge watching series and the plot makes us more addictive while watching and is one of the best to watch on Hotstar premium.

Genre : Sitcom.
Created by : Carter Bays, Craig Thomas.
Starring : Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris.
No.of seasons : 9.
Total episodes : 208.

IMDb Rating : 8.3/10

Silicon Valley:

Silicon Valley is an American comedy television series in which Richard a programmer creates an app called Pied Piper which is an investment app and calls for investors in order to make it a success. It relates accurately to the geek world of programmers and the characters are so normal and aren’t glorified.

Silicon Valley mainly focuses on the silly failures that make a paradigm shift to the storyline and thus has an impact on the audiences. The series depicts the ins and outs of Silicon Valley which is considered a tech heaven for today’s world. The story line also incorporates five other young men who tries to start a company in the Silicon Valley. This is one of the Best English Tv Shows on Hotstar.

Genre : Comedy.
Created by : Mike Judge, John Altschuler, Dave Krinsky.
Starring : Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Josh Brener, Kumail, Amanda Crew.
No.of seasons : 6.
Total episodes : 53.

IMDb Rating : 8.5/10

American Crime Story :

American Crime Story is an Anthology crime Television series where in several historical and high profile murder cases are reenacted with proper factual evidences. The logical solving of the cases which are thought to be left out unsolved, will be solved. The series is addictive to those who love crime thrillers. To binge on time and watch this series which involves notorious crimes and criminals.

The series has been nominated and has won many awards for the seasons. This is because it focuses not only on one side that the person is guilty but also the other side which lead to the murder situation. It is definitely one of the series that gets you hooked and itches to watch the coming episodes.

Genre : True crime Anthology.
Developed by : Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski.
Starring : Sterling K. Brown, Kenneth Choi, Christian Clemenson, Sarah Paulson, Bruce Greenwood.
No. of seasons : 2.
Total episodes : 19.

IMDb Rating : 8.4/10

Doctor Who :

Doctor Who is a British Science fictional television series which depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called the doctor who is an extraterrestrial being from the planet Gallifrey. Doctor Who is the series for those who understand and believe that life , time, and circumstances change and evolve will find it fresh and thought provoking. This is one of the top 10 picks for you to watch on Hotstar premium to binge on time.

Genre : Scientific fiction,Drama.
Created by : Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber, Donald Wilson.
No.of Seasons : 26.
Total episodes : 861.

IMDb Rating : 8.6/10

Big Little Lies :

This series is based on a very famous novel with the same name. The story starts after an apparent murder but the audience doesn’t know about the perpetrator or the victim. The characters are designed in such a way that no one can guess the characterisation. Thus you will keep guessing about what will happen after every episode.

Madelien and Celeste and jane are the trio of wealthy young women in California whose lives are shattered with the murder Unravelling a can of worms. The flavour of thriller, humour, truth about life, about families are all depicted in the series. One will definitely relate with hid everyday life issues is what makes Big Little Lies worth watching on Hotstar premium.

Genre : Drama, Mystery.
Created By : David E. Kelley.
Starring : Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley.
No.of seasons : 2.
Total episodes :14.

IMDb Rating : 8.5/10

Hope this article by atozupdate.net on 10 best series to watch on Hotstar premium helped you in choosing the right one for you. Do let us know which one is your favourite so far in the comment section.


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