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Youtube Shorts

YouTube to Launch “SHORTS” as a Rival for TikTok ?

TikTok-The market leader :Tiktok has become the destination for short form mobile videos in which the users create short music and lip-sync videos of a maximum of 15 seconds. The app has become famous...

Zoom Meetings: Most Trending Video Conferencing App Right Now!!!

If you are one among those working from home right now due to Novel Coronavirus, You might probably heard about ZOOM Meetings which is one of the best leader among video conferencing apps in...
whatsapp status 15 seconds

Whatsapp Limits Status Video to 15 Seconds for Indian Users

Novel Coronavirus has not only affected the lives of people and economy by forcing the countries to follow strict lockdown. This has made people to use online services and there has been a network...
Self Destructive Message Feature whatsapp

Whatsapp Self Destructive Message Feature Coming Soon !!!

While there are many options available in today's world for sending messages, the most popular of all those has been Whatsapp. Most of the world's population is reliable on whatsapp messaging. The important aspect...