5 Best Free Blogging Sites to Start a Website [For Beginners]


“Blogging” hope this is not a new word to the ones reading this article. A person can reach to the outside world and share his thoughts through this blogging medium. Nowadays the fame for bloggers and blogging is not less to any celebrities. Apart from putting forward your thoughts, it’s cool to get some extra income, name and fame from blogging which seems to be the best option out there. Blogging also brings together like-minded people to the same page and also share their thoughts and where you can directly and indirectly form a good influence on others.

The free blogging sites enables the blogger who wants to try and write a blog as a hobby without spending a dime and share his views and evidence supporting his thoughts. Once the blogger gets familiar with blogging and wants to create a self-hosted blog, there are options available to pay and upgrade to custom domains. In this article we are happy to help a new budding blogger as on which website to relay and choose to start his blogs for free.

5 Best Free Blogging Sites to Start a Website [For Beginners]

Best Free Blogging Sites
Best Free Blogging Sites


Creating your first blog is considered very important which is the basic step towards your thought sharing process. WordPress is considered one of the powerful with highly advanced features. Unlike other sites its not an easy drag and drop business and seriously needs some professionalism in using the set of menus. The advanced editor features are available which when used can make your blog get a high reach among the users. The interface required to understand the options and avail them are all worth the effort and can be highly rewarding.

WordPress enables the blogger to keep a track on the statistics which include page views, number of visitors to the blog, likes and comments shared on the content. This helps the blogger to make tailor made contents and extract a high revenue. WordPress is considered one of the best in providing privacy protection which are registered.

WordPress also enables its user to view and edit its content in HTML source where in you can use the blog by sharing more photos one time or focus on more text based content the other time. wordpress has an active community which is readily available to help the bloggers anytime which makes it one of the best blogging free website.


Blogs creating for the first time user is not an easy task, But by using the “Blogger website” it is made a cakewalk. This is one of the google owned website which is absolutely free. As Blogger is integrated with Google, it makes the user easier to access the photos in google drive and post in his blog. The Blogger site has an easy mobile friendly features which enables to post high resolution pictures even from your smartphones and has a vast variety of template selections even for mobile versions as now-a-days the reader is accessing the blogs through mobiles. Blogger has the ability to filter the spam comments automatically which saves the bloggers time and sanity.

Being a little less powerful blogging platform than wordpress, it has a fewer post editing options when compared to WordPress. It also allows the blogger to customise the blog with different themes. It also has the advantage of viewing your readers who are scattered all around the world with a world map option. For a newbie blogger who is eager to share his voice through his blogs, Blogger can be considered one of the best free websites to test the waters. Apart from its outdated look and lack of sophistication, Blogger can be taken into account for creating a blog more for a hobby blogger.


*Tumblr is an other alternative to create a blog for free, and has recently been owned by a company “Automatic”, the one which owns WordPress. Tumblr is more considered a hybrid between a blog and a social media platform. Tumblr can be considered a fun site where the blogger can fetch all the benefits from a free blogging sites. Its active community where the people from the world can share and have fun from sharing their content. The blogger who is new to blogging and cannot share much content, can take Tumblr into consideration where he can write small blogs.

Though it cannot be considered by those who wants to take blogging as business, it can be taken as a channel to widespread your ideas to the outside world. It enables the user to follow similar people like in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The dashboard in Tumblr can be viewed by your followers and the posts can be shared among those who are interested in similar content.

Its user friendly interface makes easier for the blogger to post anything he likes likes photos, videos, GIF’s and so on. But like other blogging sites Tumblr has some disadvantages too. The blogger cannot own his content or blog and has no control over the changes that can be made during sharing the content. Especially for a blogger who cares for his content to remain untouched, Tumblr becomes a bad choice.


*Weebly is not only one of the free sites for blogging but also allows the user to pay for using the premium options. Weebly is considered one of the best beginner-friendly sites which makes the blogging experience more easier while adding new pages, or while using navigation menus etc..,. It also allows the blogger to bring more readers to his blog which again generates more revenue. The user friendly nature of the site makes it more popular among the new bloggers with drag and drop options. For a person who is interested in managing small businesses through his blog, Weebly stands out as the best option.

Its not recommended for those who are wanting for a content driven blogs, but for those who are out there to sell their products using eCommerce option in the site. The blogger has wide range of options to customise his blog and make it more interesting for the readers who are in need of similar information. The site also offers the support in the form of Security, SEO, community forums, chats and Emails. This helps the user who is new to blogging and test things using this free website. The storage space Weebly makes available to the blogger is as less as 500 MB which makes the blogger to look for other options.


Medium took Blogging sites to another level when it was launched in 2016 with its wide range of approach to create a blog. This is one of the free websites for a blogger to rip his thoughts through his blogs. It allows a group of writers to come together to share their views on a similar posts. Medium is a well go site for a hobby blogger to post his content, and get an exposure in social media.

Unlike the posts in Twitter and Facebook, Medium allows the blogger to write long posts
regarding the topics he needs to cover and wants the readers from all over the world. It also allows the readers to follow a particular person’s blogs like in other social media platforms. Medium has a very little customisation options to your personal blog but also allows the blogger to post pictures from media gallery.

It is considered one of the easiest site to create blog just by signing up and start writing which saves a lot of time with limited understanding. The very important feature of Medium is that it has in built Audience. You need not compete with SEO for the reach of audiences which makes Medium one of the free sites for blogging.


Though all the above options are considered best blogging site platforms in their own way, based on the research we have conducted, wordpress.com holds the first place by powering more than 30% of the entire world internet. Though many of the free blogging sites are tempting the new blogger, one need to select the best of the above options according to his blogging needs. we hope that this detailed overview of free sites for blogging with pros and cons helped you in selecting the best and creating your own blogs to share your content with people online. Do share your views and comments regarding which one would you recommend for a newbie blogger to start with his blogs.


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