Whatsapp Self Destructive Message Feature Coming Soon !!!


While there are many options available in today’s world for sending messages, the most popular of all those has been Whatsapp. Most of the world’s population is reliable on whatsapp messaging. The important aspect of Whatsapp being so popular amongst the other messaging apps is its user friendly nature. The options available in Whatsapp can be accessed by people of all age groups irrespective of whether they are a pro in technology.

But now people are in want of new technologies and features in there apps which is letting other app companies to constantly develop and fix the bugs in order to be in the race. In recent days other apps like Telegram has been into limelight, because of its unique features like secret messaging, which enables its users to chat with others with their messages being vaporized from their devices within a time span. This feature has some disadvantages and the users are constantly complaining about the app not supporting to have screenshots of their conversations.

Whatsapp New Feature 

Self Destructive Message Feature whatsapp
Self Destructive Message Feature whatsapp

The similar feature has been developed in Facebook which is also owned by the same company as whatsapp. But the conversations in both Whatsapp and Facebook messenger are end-to-end encrypted. As the customers are demanding for more secured features in their apps, Whatsapp is now looking into a special ability called “Self destruction” in their messages after a user set time period, which works in combination with Beta version of the app.

This new ability of self destruction is best for those who shares sensitive information which will disappear forever from the cloud of Whatsapp. It still need to developed to be bug free feature on which the users can completely be reliable. It is stated that the feature will be made available for all the android users in the Google play store. As of now this feature of self destruction of the messages will be made with group chats which in future can be used in one-to-one chats, in which the chats disappear from the device permanently.

How Self Destructive Message Feature works ?

Let’s have a detailed study on how it works. As stated before, it can now be used in group chats in which the option should be enabled by the admin of the group by selecting on/off button and setting a time period after which the messages gets deleted from the device. The feature enables the user to choose a time frame starting from One hour, one day, one week, one month and one year depending on the sensitivity of the content being shared. Otherwise the app also allows the user to do this manually by selecting the particular message and deleting from the device which is shown on the screen.

In order to become the leader in today’s market, and dominate other apps like Snapchat and Telegram, Whatsapp is also making other important changes ensuring its users the safety and security they have been wanting for like call waiting services and Hiding the muted status which are to be a new addition to their app privacy.



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