Whatsapp Limits Status Video to 15 Seconds for Indian Users


Novel Coronavirus has not only affected the lives of people and economy by forcing the countries to follow strict lockdown. This has made people to use online services and there has been a network congestion brought due to a steep rise in the number of users. Netflix and youtube along with many other apps has imposed limitations such as lowering the bitrate and defaulting to a lower resolution. Now whatsapp has done a bit similar to its Status Section. Whatsapp now no longer allows its users to post videos longer than 15 seconds as their status.

Whatsapp Limits Status Video to 15 Seconds for Indian Users

whatsapp status 15 seconds
whatsapp status 15 seconds

Now, when you try to upload a video longer than 15 seconds in length, the app shows a message that says ” videos sent to my status will be trimmed to the first 15 seconds”. Actually the message is a bit confusing because the videos are not exactly trimmed to the first 15 seconds, instead, you can specify any part of the video but the run time being 15 seconds that can go on your status.

The whatsapp user can slide the rectangular sleek box to select any specified part of the video that has 15 seconds clip and can be shared on your whatsapp status. This imposition is seems to be implemented only in India as of now. This trimming of Whatsapp video status to 15 seconds is in order to reduce the traffic on server infrastructure. A tweet by WABetainfo has confirmed the news that whatsapp has put a bar on the time limit for its status videos.
Whatsapp has introduced this status feature in 2017 which allows its users to post their videos, photos or Gif’s which automatically gets deleted after 24 hours. At the time of launch until recently Whatsapp allowed its users to post a video length of 90 seconds to three minutes which was later reduced to 30 seconds. Now it further reduced to 15 seconds which has been stated as a temporary move in order to reduce the traffic on servers.

It’s already known that Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Facebook and other video streaming services in India started lowering their video quality from HD to SD. Youtube has already made its SD as the default quality which is said to be until the lockdown period that is till April 14. Whatsapp has over 400 million users in India and it has been one of the primary source of communication, due to the lock down the company has seen a 40 % increase in the usage globally according to a research done recently.

Apparently the Whatsapp users are not very happy with the decision made which is in order to reduce the traffic. But being said that the limit put on the time is temporary, the users need to wait till the lockdown period is over. As a Whatsapp user what do you think on limiting the status video time to 15 seconds, do let us know in the comment section below. Visit our website for further updates.


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