YouTube to Launch “SHORTS” as a Rival for TikTok ?


TikTok-The market leader :Tiktok has become the destination for short form mobile videos in which the users create short music and lip-sync videos of a maximum of 15 seconds. The app has become famous now-a-days and the people from different age groups are showing their creativity and posting different videos.

The app as first launched in 2016 in china which was made available worldwide in 2018 as TikTok after ByteDance purchased musically and merged it with TikTok. The app since then has become famous more among teens.

YouTube to Launch “SHORTS” as a Rival for TikTok ?

Youtube Shorts
Youtube Shorts

Now it has come to know that YouTube is reportedly working on a feature and is to named “SHORTS” that helps the user to make Short videos like that of TikTok. This new YouTube feature is currently work in progress and is expected to launch by the end of 2020. YouTube is planning to combat TikTok competition with this feature called Shorts. TikTok has amassed a huge following since inception and now YouTube is looking to offer something similar for those who are creative in making videos to dabble in.

According to sources YouTube is working on “Shorts” and will launch it as a mobile app like TikTok. This feature will be in the form a news feed that will include short video clips made by the users. Being owned by Google, it has the advantage of having a vast library of licensed music and songs that can be used by the creator. This isn’t the first time YouTube has aped a feature from its rival apps, it also copied the Instagram Status like stories for its users to post photos and content its feed.

Other short-video apps:

After the growing popularity of TikTok, there has been a race to launch short video apps. Instagram has launched a new video-music remix feature called “Reels” which allows the users to make 15 seconds video clips to set music and share them as their stories. Facebook has also launched an app called ” Lasso” as a competitor for TikTok which has not become as popular as TikTok.

Mobile versions :

Although YouTube has not yet confirmed whether it is going to release the app for desktop, The Shorts will be made available for all the Android and Ios users in the play store and App store respectively as mobile versions. This is quite a big move for an app like YouTube which is mainly meant to post long-form videos. Reports say that YouTube has taken the challenge on a serious note and is working on Shorts to give a better competition that Instagram and Lasso couldn’t take off the market from TikTok which is one of leaders in its kind.

Conclusion :

Though the news is not yet confirmed officially by the YouTube, the users are eagerly waiting for the new app “SHORTS” to see how much it is going to capture the hearts of the creators and whether it is going to give a big competition to TikTok by adding any new additional features. Visit this space for further more information on this article and We will keep you updated. Do let us know which video app you like the most in the comment section below.


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