Zoom Meetings: Most Trending Video Conferencing App Right Now!!!


If you are one among those working from home right now due to Novel Coronavirus, You might probably heard about ZOOM Meetings which is one of the best leader among video conferencing apps in the market. Even before the quarantine and work from home has begun, zoom has been in use with which the user can virtually connect with the rest of the employers mainly when in-person meetings are not possible.

Zoom Meetings helps you to stay connected and makes telecommuting more human. For the present day situation, Zoom has become an essential app in order to keep in touch with each other and carry on with daily workflows with no disruption.

More about Zoom Meetings Video Conferencing:


Zoom is a cloud-based app meant for video conferencing to virtually meet with others and has both options for video calling and also audio calling. It also be used for conducting live chats and the best part lies when all these sessions can be recorded to future use. According to a survey many of the fortune 500 companies use the Zoom app to conduct their daily official meetings.

Terms you need to know while using Zoom

While using Zoom app you need to get familiarise with certain terms which are frequently used one of which is Zoom Room and Zoom Meeting. The meetings hosted using Zoom video conferencing are termed as Zoom meetings which basically use webcams or phone cameras. The physical hardware that is used to schedule these Zoom meetings are the Zoom Rooms. Large scale companies also use an additional subscriptions on top of the normal zoom rooms which gives them some additional benefits.

Core Features of Zoom Meetings:

Unlimited One-on-one meetings :

Zoom app even with its free version, enables the users to conduct unlimited one-on-one meetings.

Group video conferencing :

The free plan allows the user to host a maximum of 40 minutes of video calling with a limit of 100 participants, where as with the in-app store purchases, one can host with even 500 participants.

Screen sharing option :

The Zoom app allows you to share the screen with the co-workers so they can see what you see.

Zoom Meetings Installation:

The Zoom Meetings is available for both desktops and mobiles. The windows and mac OS has the option to download Zoom. Android and ios has the Zoom app in their play store and app store respectively. The app lets you sign in using either Zoom account, Google, Facebook or SSO. From then you can join the meeting, share your screen in a zoom room by entering the ID, Start Zoom meeting, or live Chats or you can start a cloud recording. When you compare the zoom app on mobile and desktop the later app is more fully featured even if you are a free user the mileage is far more than a mobile app.

Tips and Tricks:

How to record a Zoom video call on Desktop: Zoom app lets the users t record their calls in the form of a video. The host has to enable recordings in the settings. Follow the below steps to record the video-

  • Log into your Zoom meetings account.
  • Click to view settings.
  • Navigate to the recording tab and click to enable video recording.

In order to record a zoom meeting the user has to choose the local or cloud option. In local you can store the video file on your computer or other storage area. Cloud option is for paid subscribers. Zoom stores the video recorded in its cloud storage. The host conducting the meeting can also see the other participants who are recording the meeting. The Zoom app will automatically convert the recording into a usable MP4 video file.

To Record a Zoom Meetings on Mobile :

Mobile app requires an in app store purchase as the videos are stored in the cloud. The only disadvantage of recording on mobile is the limited space available in the cloud. Just follow the below steps on how to record zoom meeting on mobile-

  • Open the Zoom App on your mobile.
  • Click to start/Join meeting.
  • Then Click the three dot menu on the bottom of the screen .
  • Click the record to cloud option.
  • You can see a recording icon which can be used to pause /stop whenever required.
  • once the recording is done you can find the video in my recordings section of the zoom app.

Things to Consider While Using Zoom Meetings on Mobile

While Zoom meetings is for official purposes, communicating through a mobile device is a little different from that of using it for a desktop. We would like to let you know what kinds of things you should consider when using zoom on your mobile device.

Try to Eliminate your distractions by sorting out your applications so that they don’t flood you with the notifications in the middle of your office meetings. For this take a few minutes to disable the notifications until the meetings are done.

Since the mobile screens are small and you will be more focused on seeing the participants, we often end up on forgetting where the camera is pointing. To avoid such things Zoom’s mobile app provides the user with self-view option which enables the camera’s position to focus on the face. That way it’s not shaking while you are holding in the hands.

Check whether your battery is charged enough though the Zoom app doesn’t really use much of your battery. We suggest you to use the extended battery pack with USB connectivity. These are very handy while you are travelling and need to attend the Zoom meeting.

Check for your surroundings avoiding crowded coffee shops which can deviate the attention of co participants. Its better to use a headset so that you can hear the participants clearly.


Hope this article by atozupdate.net on how to use Zoom Meetings app helped you and by following these steps, you will have a complete and more productive experience on zoom platform. If you are still not using the Zoom meetings app download now and sign up for your free account. And if you are already a user do let us know your experience while using the Zoom app in the comment section below.


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